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Saturday, May 4th, 2024 - Aquiraz, Brazil

Travel Dates

April 28th - May 6th


Erton Novo Cel: +55 85 8990-2990

VIP Car: +55 85 9657-9878

Fabinho: +55 85 9609-0452



April 28th | We will be arriving at Jangadeiro Praia Hotel. 

April 29th - May 2nd | In the days leading up to our Wedding Ceremony on May 4th, we will be visiting beaches, and exploring the area.

May 3rd | We will be spending the day at Beach Park, a popular and exciting waterpark.

May 4th | Wedding Ceremony at Casa Branca at 4:30pm.

May 6th | Checkout and Departure.

Caroline and Mackenzie invite friends and family to join us as we stay at Jangadeiro Praia Hotel during our trip from April 28th to May 6th. This beachfront hotel offers complimentary breakfast, a pool complex, and the availability of excursions in the region departing from the hotel.

Hotel Jang.jpg

Jangadeiro Praia Hotel is a one hour drive from the Fortaleza Airport (FOR). To book a ride from the airport to your hotel, or from the hotel to any day trip or destination during your stay, here are three phone numbers for drivers to take you places:

Fortaleza Airport to Hotel Jangadeiro.png
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